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Diaspora Food Demand Thrives

Siaka Momoh

Diaspora Nigerians demand for Nigerian foods, raw and manufactured, is thriving business these days, EnterpriseNow can confirm.

There are exporting companies located in Lagos metropolis that are actively engaged in this business, and this is official.

These food commodities are exported by air and vessels. For shipping, it takes three months for consignment to get to destinations. Our food-stuffs are exported to Europe, the U.S. and Canada. The demands are from Nigerian students in these foreign lands and those who are permanent residents.

 Many of the exporters are small scale exporters, but some are big movers who have up-takers who break the bulk in countries of destination. Items exported include beans, dried fish, melon, ogbono, indomine, garri, yam powder, malt drinks, fresh vegetables.

This therefore is a minus from food grown and manufactured locally. The advantage of this of course is boost to our forex earning.

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