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Former American President, Donald Trump Convicted On 34 Counts Charges

 Olushola Bello

Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts in his hush-money criminal trial this evening—marking the first time an American president has become a convicted felon. After the jury delivered its decision, Judge Juan Merchan allowed Trump to remain free without bail and set a sentencing hearing for July 11. Each of the counts the former president was convicted of carries a possible penalty of up to four years in prison, but he may receive a shorter sentence or no prison time at all due to his age and lack of prior criminal convictions.

“One striking element of this case, as well as a recent defamation case against Trump, is how quickly the jury returned its verdict,” my colleague David Graham wrote today. “Despite Trump arguing that the cases against him are flimsy or politically motivated or nonsense, jurors have moved swiftly against him—even in a case as complex as this one.”

Over the past few weeks, while awaiting the verdict, I began thinking about another aspect of high-profile trials: how defendants and witnesses choose to present themselves. This newsletter will be back tomorrow with more analysis of the verdict and what may come next for Trump. This evening, we’re taking a look at how some of the key figures in recent trials have approached their courtroom wardrobe.

Source:The Atlantic

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