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Converting your ideas to money    (1)


We shall be starting in this edition a seven part series, on how you can quickly convert your ideas, no matter how far fetched or how impossible to-implement they may be, to money making machines.

Before we go ahead, please note that any idea that is only in your head is as useless as anything, if nothing is done about it. It remains like a seed of corn on your table which is not sown into the ground. It is there and will remain the same. After some time, you may not see the seed again particularly if you have chicken around you or any other animal that feeds on corn.

So you tend to lose any idea that is not put to work eventually. What is an idea? It is an intention, based on an inspiration that tells you that you can make something happen to solve a problem that exists around you or to solve a problem that you have identified in an existing product or service.

Let me tell you something about ideas. Ideas come as a result of your interaction with your immediate environment. So ideas are real and represent what can really happen. No idea is impossible to-implement. Whatever idea that comes to you can be implemented. I repeat, any idea that you have is implementable. Never say any idea is crazy, no matter how hifalutin it looks or sounds. The most impossible idea of all time and which till date is still the craziest idea anybody can have is the idea of the Tower of Babel in the Bible. The people in the world at the time came together and decided to build a tower, a skyscraper, whose top will reach heaven. The thought must have come out of the desire to have an unending and real-time access to God. They thought that reaching God was a physical action. Anyhow, they proceeded to implement the idea. The Bible states that God looked down to see the project as it was being implemented and saw the seriousness of the pursuit and He concluded that they were going to succeed. To stop the project, God had to mobilize the council of heaven to introduce confusion into their midst. This brought disunity and broke the team effort and they abandoned the project. God acknowledged that the project would have succeeded.

With all the skyscrapers built today including the tallest building in the world today based in Dubai, none is near getting out of the atmosphere of the earth, not to talk about reaching heaven. So, if God could acknowledge that the Tower of Babel idea was implementable despite its incredibility, then any idea any one may have today is implementable.

So, brace up with that idea that is in your head. It is implementable, no matter how crazy it sounds to you or to the world around you.

Kola Owolabi, (FIMC) Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants;08023203198.He is the Principal Consultant and CEO of David Richard Associates, a company he founded in 1998. He is a Business Plan and Feasibility Study preparation expert and has been very active in the Business Development landscape in Nigeria in the past 23 years”. To receive more information please text”SEND MORE INFO on your Business Plan Preparation service” to  08023203198. You can also send reactions to the the contents of this post or any question you may have to the same telephone/WhatsApp line.

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